For Fucks Sake…

Ignorance runs rampant.  I looked at a friend’s Facebook, trying to figure out why she doesn’t show up in my news feed.  Then I remembered why I took her off my feed.  The blatant ignorance on formula feeding.  She actually told me not to listen to people who say pumping isn’t really breast feeding.  I knew before I had my son that I would be a pumper.  It’s what I wanted.  My son would get what he needed and I wouldn’t be completely at the mercy of my tits.  I knew it was what I could handle.  I also set a goal that I was comfortable with as well which was 3 months.  I met that and was perfectly happy with myself.

So today I see this… Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 11.40.05 PM

Really?!  No, you nit-witted moronic slutpuppies, formula companies aren’t coming for you.  Those are available for women who need/choose to supplement.  The similac one came out after my son was born and I wish I’d gotten to use it since we supplemented.   Of course they send you samples.  They want you to use their products.  I get samples from all kinds of products that want my business.  I don’t think Bounty has some sort of vendetta against dish towels.  I want to say something so horribly bad but I know my words would fall on deaf ears.  Ignorant people like being ignorant sometimes.

So between that and my grandmother sharing urban legends like they are true, I’m thinking that having my internet fixed today was a double edged sword.

I’d been disconnected for a little while thanks to Comcast’s fantastic service.  I don’t know about you but I can’t get through my month without talking to at least one of Comcast’s outsourced customer service person.  I spoke with May a few days ago. She kept repeating the same shit over and over.  “Don’t you worry, I am here to assist you.”  When she couldn’t figure out how to activate my modem, she sent me on back to good ol’ America to the “internet line”.  That guy just sent out a tech to fiddle with the wires.

I can say all my to do lists got done without the internets distracting me. My bathroom is spotless.  Laundry is actually done and put away.