Oh how I no longer have a little blob baby!  No, I’ve got an expert crawler these days.  He doesn’t want snuggles.  He has no patience for snuggling in bed and watching Dr. Phil or Gilmore Girls.  He wants DOWN and he wants to ROAM.  Changing him on the bed is a task as well.  Many times have we leaped across the bed to catch an ankle to keep him from diving head first off the side.  Because he can flip over in a hot second.

And he has opinions on stuff.  First opinion is always “yes Mommy, I would like to eat all your food.  No, not my food, your food.”  And if he can’t have my food? Second opinion is to scream like I’ve eaten his dog right in front of him.  I have birthed a baby foodie.  He likes everything.  Half of me is thankful because I’m such a picky eater, that would be a pain in the ass.  The other half is having a hard time adjusting to sharing all my fruits and veggies.  The husband thinks fruits and veggies are the worst things in the world.  So for almost a decade, I haven’t had to share.  Now my tiny minion wants all of Mommy’s oranges. And grapes.  And green beans.

I remember people telling me that it goes by fast.  It’s true.  That newborn smushy blobby stage goes by faster than you can imagine.  I remember being so excited for him to roll over or to stop hating tummy time.  Now I wish he would go back to the hours of cuddling.  He cuddles now but it’s in very short bursts because then he’s on to the next toy or cat to chase or food to yell for.  Before I know it, he’ll be walking.  Of course…then we are truly doomed.  Right now he’s contained by blocking off an escape route with a toy box and his pack n play.  It won’t be long before he realizes he can crawl over the toy box and move the pack n play.  Then what?  Barbed wire?

I know this is such a nostalgic post. Don’t worry, I’ll go back to bitching about birth board drama again soon.  I haven’t been on there much these days.  I’m reading a lot and there’s not a ton of good drama anyway.  Be on the lookout for my BEC post though.  It’s coming!