The Calm Before The Storm

So we are in the middle of a big move.  I have endless lists.  Things we need when we get there.  Things I need to do. Things I need to set up.  All the things.  All of them.  The things.  A kind doctor gave me a lovely prescription for xanax.  Which is good since I usually don’t know until I’m right smack into a panic attack.  My brain can’t relay the warning signs (thank you PTSD).  During a normal stressful time, I can just deal. Woosahhh and whatever.  My brain says, “oh there’s stress? Let’s put it into this little box and yup file that away for later.”  And then it eats the boxes.

Luckily, I downloaded all my Xanga posts so I’ve been able to look at myself from 10 years ago and see how much compartmentalizing I actually do.  Too bad I’m moving away from my awesome counselor or we’d be getting into double sessions of all that not healthy boxing away of things.  I think perhaps I felt like since everyone told me that I was out of danger, I was certainly okay, that I should move along with all that nonsense and so I learned to do that.

Add fixing ^ to my to do list.

So what else is going on?  Little dude is walking now.  He’s a walking fiend.  Crawling is of the past.  He went to his first playground this weekend.  He had zero interest in the other kids.  He just wanted to walk around.  I think there will be more park trips in our future.  He also likes walking around the kids book sections in book stores.  He loves books.  He brings them to you and sits while you read them.

No tags today.  This was an admittedly boring post.