Mean Girls

It’s the 10 year anniversary of Mean Girls.  I loved that movie.  Who doesn’t love everything from Tina Fey though right?  That woman is a goddess.

Real Mean Girls are a dime a dozen.  Every large group has them.

You start with the girl who tries way too hard to act like she doesn’t care.  So much so that she just seems like a non-caring robot.  Oh but she cares.  She cares so much.  But she’s so busy pretending she doesn’t care that she pushes away the possibility of good friends.  She’s also someone to watch out for.  She’s not above taking advantage of a situation.

Next up is the girl who thinks she’s better than everyone else.  She can give example after example of why she’s totally better than you.  She loves sympathy.  She needs it to survive.  She needs to feel that she’s above the rest.  She’s smart.  Usually book smart because it gives her an edge.  She’s always struggling to keep that edge.  Which is sad because she could be a truly nice person if she hopped down off her pedestal. You can’t push her off because she’ll thrive and revive from all the sympathy.  She’s quick to defend her self because she can’t stand people thinking badly of her. She’ll harp on something for forever because she can’t handle anyone thinking she’s a liar. Or a bad person.

And then you have the oh so insecure one.  She goes to bed worrying that she’ll wake up the next day and be booted from the cool table.  She tries to be 5 steps ahead of things to secure her position but really she’s 10 steps behind.  She’s good for information if you pick the right time.  She needs to feel important but she gets in her own way of things.  Everything is calculated.  She makes you do all the work on things because that way if things blow up, she can say well YOU did THIS.  She is so easily manipulated too.  95% of the time, she’s the cause of group drama.  She’s not two-faced.  She’s a million faced.

There’s always the weird one.  They keep her around for entertainment but she’s easily cast out if they feel like she’s not good enough that day.  She hang onto them because they are all she has.  And the days she’s cast out, she’s lost and alone.  There isn’t much to say about her because no matter what the group, she’s never going to change or make her life better because being this person is her life.

And you know what really sucks?  So many people focus on these girls that they miss all the really cool girls.  The one that makes dirty jokes and is the first to have your back in a fight.  The one who loves all kinds of cool music and can talk sports with the boys.  The one who is super sweet and looks on the positive side of life.  Everyone wants to sit at the cool table so they don’t see the tables full of amazing women.


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