Nursing in Public and later…pitch forks and torches

I think that by now this is pretty much beating a dead horse


But I wanted to talk about this.  In my home state, a mom, Kate, was eating lunch with her friends, a moms group.  They were at Chic-Fil-A which is a seriously family friendly restaurant.  I love going to the one near me.  They have placemats on all the high chairs.  They are super nice.  She’d forgotten her cover and asked if anyone minded that she breastfeed her adorable 6 month old.  All the moms were cool with it, as they should be.

And then some bitch had to ruin it.  Jennifer Long decided to take a picture of this sweet mom just feeding her baby and posted it on Facebook with the comment of “Anybody want some milk? Noon time at a restaurant is not a place to do this?”

I saw the picture and Kate wasn’t shaking her tasseled and glittered up milk jugs on a Chic-Fil-A table.  She wasn’t squirting milk in people’s chicken sandwiches.  She was feeding her son.  She wasn’t showing any more skin than a v-neck shirt.  The people in the background of the picture weren’t even looking her way.  The moms shown in the picture weren’t glued to her boobs either.

I feel so bad for Kate.  All she was doing was feeding her child with food nature provided in a way that was respectful of the people around her.  That’s it.

As for Jennifer, her “organic” tanning business seems to be taking a dive.  Hell hath no fury like breast feeding moms scorned.  Rumor has it, Jennifer spray tans people while they are naked.  *Gasp*  Even if she didn’t and Kate had come to her for a spray tan, Jennifer would have seen way more of Kate’s assets during the tan.  So that’s okay but showing a little cleavage while feeding your child is something that should be mocked on a social network?

This sends a message to other nursing moms that they and their children could be mocked online.  This sends a message that you maybe shouldn’t nurse in public.  How fucked up is that?  Hey there, don’t feed your baby with food nature has provided because someone else may see part of your boob.  When in reality, you see more boob on tv every single day.  Don’t like it? DON’T FUCKING LOOK.

Jennifer is claiming the first amendment.  Freedom of speech.  So here’s my message to her using my first amendment.

Dear Jennifer,

You are a coward.  You should have your vagina card revoked.  And your boob card too.  For someone who’s business is run on boobs because come on, you know your clients want that tanned cleavage, you are being real judgypants.  Does your life suck right now because woman are standing together against you and your actions?  That’s called consequences and karma.  If your mama raised you right, you would get in touch with BBC and the local news and sit down with them and talk about how you didn’t realize how this would affect mom’s on a national scale.  That you hope to make an educated choice in the future when you think about doing something like this again.  And most of all, that you are truly, from the bottom of your heart sorry for all the pain you’ve caused Kate.  Oh and be thankful I didn’t call you a certain four letter word that starts with a C and rhymes with blunt.

Don’t like it, don’t care,



If Kate reads this, I’d like to tell her to keep on doing what she’s doing.  Turn this really stupid situation into something good and raise awareness against stupidity about breastfeeding.  It’s big shoes to step into but change needs to happen.  And if anything at all good comes from this, at least know that a boatload of mom’s are reading your story and are getting all riled up and then they have to pause to fawn over Bentley and his beautiful blue eyes.


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