Next week

This has been an emotional election.  People are currently not speaking to me for calling them out on thinking rape was funny.  My dad is so stuck in his ways that he can’t see what’s at stake for the future.

But instead of whining about all that, I want to talk about what I personally want to see happen in the next 4 years.

First and foremost, I want women to truly be equal across the board when it comes to careers and pay.  Second to that, I want parental leave really looked at and see what we can do to help new moms and new dads.  So many countries have amazing support systems that we could easily implement here in America.  6 weeks paid leave is the bare minimum. It’s like getting toast in jail instead of being starved.  Parents are shaping the future of the planet.  If we want a great country, we need to build that from the ground up.

Continuing the theme of the children are our future, legalize marijuana already! Quite a few states have done that safely and it’s going great.  BUT I want to see every single dime of that tax money go to the school system.  Our teachers need more support.  Our schools need more funding. Billions of dollars could be made. BILLIONS for our children.  That’s state of the art classrooms taught by the best trained teachers trained in state of the art schools.  Where can that go wrong?  It can’t. Education can only improve our country.

I want more support for farmers.  We want less chemicals and better quality but our farmers are working bare bones because of how expensive everything is. They are feeding us, let’s help them any way we can.  Every grocery store should be able to have truly fresh local produce.  Apple picking should be a memory for EVERY kid. Gardens in every school.

More funding for our army and our vets.  They should be able to walk into the VA and get treated right then and there.  I see urgent cares and ERs popping up all over yet vets have to wait months if they get help at all.

Speaking of healthcare….WHY are we catering to insurance companies? Why can’t your average person walk into the doctor and pay $40 and get my 15 minutes of treatment.  Add that up per day….I think that’s reasonable and cuts out the middle man for all basic PCP healthcare.  In 2016, I’ll have paid over $7000 to our insurance company to have the pleasure of saying I have their insurance.  I have so far have had high co-pays, simple medications not be covered and lots of extra bills.  Thank the PTB for Costco being reasonable about prescriptions.  $17 vs CVS $200+ per month.

I want faster internet. I know that seems silly but it bugs me that we keep saying we have the best country ever but we aren’t #1 in the categories that matter.

And last, I want a huge HUGE push to cure childhood cancer.  It gets a tiny tiny slice of the budget for cancer research and this is unacceptable for a thousand and one reasons.  I want it to be a world effort for everyone to come together and figure it the fuck out.

Good luck next week.  I hope we have a happy 4 years coming to us because 2016 alone has been a heaping pile of dog diarrhea. I’ve got a xanax with Tuesdays name on it all picked out.  Because until the final word is in, I’m going to be beyond nervous.  Gob, if you are watching, you’re up.  You’ve got this.




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